Familiar Machines, Lauren Yeager : Scott Stibich 2012

This series of sculptures are the product of a collaborative effort to utilize combinations of familiar, household objects to compose a series of machines that produce extraordinary outcomes. The outcomes we have chosen to affect are those actions and episodes that are generally beyond our reach or out of our control due to the physical forces that they are understood to require. The flight path of a bottle rocket and the formation of an eclipse are examples of some of the the actions and episodes that we are affecting.

To achieve these results, we have re-purposed familiar devices, taking them out of their established contexts and distancing them from their traditional functions. A food dehydrator and a roll of thermal fax paper take the place of a thermograph. A hat rack stands in for the moon in a “solar eclipse”. Through the application of such mundane objects we gain closer understandings of events or experiences that are generally beyond our realm of impact. At the same time, the familiar and accessible nature of the assembled objects urges us to experiment.

The resulting sculptures trigger one to recall or imagine the extraordinary experiences we are affecting as well as one's past experiences with the familiar objects we have composed. The combination of those experiences in one's imagination has the potential to broaden associations with both the familiar mundane aspects of daily life as well as the the extraordinary ones, enabling us to re-imagine potential ways for interacting with our everyday surroundings to produce unanticipated results.

Familiar Machines
refers to the following works:

Sensory Deprivation Chamber
Skydiving Table
Eclipse: Never View The Sun With The Naked Eye