Transit: Between A and B
Reinberger Galleries - Satellite Space, January 2011.

Transit seeks to understand what it means to occupy throughways, spaces of transit. These spaces, hallways, stairwells and elevators, are generally designed with the priority of efficiently moving people and goods from one place to another. It could be said that such spaces between places are without place.

In his mixed media drawings, Andy Curlowe explores the possibility of time travel and teleportation while questioning the implications of political borders and how they change one's experience of moving through the world.

Linda Ding's graphic gouaches illustrate imagined interiors and the potential intersections that occur as one attempts to pass through their confines. For her, these works are a meditation on the psychological effects of unavoidable interactions in tight spaces.

Scott Stibich's arches serve as mile markers, measuring our progress though the space. They are also scenic overlooks, signaling us to pause for a moment and observe their playful colors and materials before continuing onward.

- Lauren Yeager

Andy Curlowe
Linda Ding
Scott Stibich

"Atmospheric Spectrum" (arches) "Atmospheric Spectrum" "Hops" "That "Missed Conection 1" "Missed Conection 2" "Missed Conection 4" "Missed Conection 8"